I am White Bear – a perfectly stuffed teddy bear who lived at Shriner’s Hospital until I met Angel. I have been with her ever since. She was born with a group of birth defects known as VACTERL association (also VATER association). She has had numerous surgeries including a kidney transplant. Our goal is to let children everywhere know that they are not alone, especially those with chronic illness, disabilities and challenges. Angel is the one who spreads her sunshine, joy and kindness in the world and I come along for support and to add a little magic whenever I am needed.

 Just use your imagination and you will see

that when you need me that is just where I will be.

We know being different is sometimes hard but being different is what makes every child unique and special.

We can help children to discuss their fears, ask questions and help parents and loved ones answer them. 

Along with Angel, I am featured in a book series created for young readers, particularly seriously ill children, their siblings, family and friends. Follow our adventures and join the fun.  Our first book, White Bear’s Big Adventure is available online at most book sales websites.