A Voice, An Advocate, A Friend

white-bear-with-maskWhat started out as an idea for a short story about a little girl named Angel who spends a lot of time in the hospital has evolved into a vision: A virtual world for kids with special needs, featuring White Bear, a stuffed animal is kind, smart, and available in each child’s imagination.

He knows being different is sometimes hard but being different is what makes every child unique and special. He also knows that some days are better than others and that is ok.  Everyone should be able to go at their own pace in their own way.

White Bear is a special friend who helps children to discuss their fears, ask questions and help parents and loved ones answer them. Most importantly, White Bear wants all children who are fighting serious illness, dealing with disabilities or any difficult situations to know they are not alone.

White Bear is also featured in a book series created for young readers, particularly seriously ill children, their siblings, family and friends. Follow his adventures with his best friend Angel.  Their first book, White Bear’s Big Adventure is available online at most book sales websites.

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