Angel in the Hospital

Angel & White Bear Visit Tampa General Hospital

Angel Barriera was born with VATER Syndrome, a set of congenital anomalies that affect the spine, the heart, kidneys, limbs and causes anal atresia. Surgeries can fix many of the problems, but the condition requires life-long follow up and treatment. Angel is only thirteen years old and has had over thirty surgeries. The most important surgery was her kidney transplant. As a result of that transplant, Angel allowed us to tell her story in a children’s early chapter book called White Bear’s Big Adventure.

In October, Angel got the chance to visit the Dialysis Unit where she spent many years and share her story with some of the children on the floor. You can see and hear Angel tell her story in the video below.  Here, she describes Angel’s experience and her wish to let all medically fragile children know that they are not alone.


Finally, December 13, 2017 is the second anniversary of Angel’s kidney transplant at Tampa General Hospital. We are grateful to the donor family for giving Angel the gift of life and to the team that has taken care of and loved Angel since she was born.

The book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other on-line book retailers.


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