White Bear Town Resident Bios

White Bear

White Bear invites you to join him in his virtual world and welcomes chronically ill children, children facing any kind of difficulty, their siblings, family and friends. Keep checking back because White Bear has a lot of plans, like games and word searches and town planning, too. White Bear wants all children who are struggling to know they are not alone!

Mayor Angel

Mayor Angel is the highest ranking official in White Bear Town. As Ambassador, Angel is responsible for representing White Bear Town and is the head of the Welcoming Committee for all official and social visitors. Angel is the inspiration behind White Bear Town. Questions about White Bear’s World and White Bear himself and spending time in the hospital can be directed to Angel by message and comments any time.

Lisa the News Anchor

As News Anchor of at WBW News Channel 11, it is Lisa’s job to let everyone know what's happening in White Bear Town. As the news anchor she delivers the day's events on a Channel 11 at 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Look for her editorial comments at 5:00 on Wednesday’s and in the weekend White Bear Gazette Editorial Page. From her aerial view of White Bear Town, she was able to draw an accurate map of the area, landing her the job of City Planner. So when she is not working on the news she works in City Hall.

Jacob the Librarian

As Librarian, it is Jacob’s job to help children and their parents choose books, do research and answer questions on current events. He is the local expert on all the children's books in the White Bear Town Library. He has a story time hour every Tuesday morning. He is often on WB News Channel 11 as a guest on numerous talk shows and newscasts. At night you can find him at Joe's Diner where he is the cook and manager.

Marie the Principal

Marie is the Principal of the Elementary School and teaches English at the High School. She previously worked as the City Planner part time, but since White Bear Town has been officially mapped out, Mayor Angel felt that Lisa should be in charge of all city planning. Everyone in town voted unanimous approval which pleased Marie because it gives her more time to tutor students and write novels.

Jeana the Art Teacher

Jeana is the Art Teacher at the Elementary School, Middle School and High School in White Bear Town. She is also available for private lessons for children and adults. You can see her work around town, on buildings, billboards and in galleries. Jeana also teaches swimming lessons at the community pool on Sunday afternoons. Guppies and Minnows welcome.

Beth the Baker

When it comes to baked goods, everyone in White Bear Town goes to Beth's Bakery. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, her cakes, cookies, cupcakes, specialty sandwiches and breads are the most popular items in her store. She is open early on Tuesday mornings for breakfast so the kids can get a hot meal before Jacob opens the library for story time.​

Poppa E

Whether you want to learn how to play golf or just improve your swing, come to Poppa's Golf Emporium and Golf Course to see what we have to offer. Some of the most famous players have played this course over the years. Lessons are available for students at all levels. Sign up for three lessons and receive one custom club on Poppa. On his off hours, Poppa E is known as E Fleisch and comes to you live from 77 WBW Radio where he hosts the number one radio show in town, Rap Around the World.Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, adipelit. Ut elit tellus,

Phyllis the Camp Director

Phyllis had her first camp experience when she was only seven years old. From that time on, she always dreamed of owning her own camp. When she had the chance to buy land in White Bear Town, her dream to have a camp came true. She works very hard to provide children with serious illness and all kinds of special needs to have a safe and fun camp adventure, White Bear Style. Occasionally, her son Lucas helps out at the camp.

Brigitte the Groomer

Brigitte is the owner and manager of Brigitte's Pets and Grooming. Because all pets are different, Brigitte uses shampoos and conditioners specially blended for your pet. She offers doggie daycare, exercise classes and basic training classes scheduled conveniently throughout the day. Her specially trained staff can help you choose your new pet from her pet store, PJ's Pets, right next door. No dogs come from puppy mills. All Brigitte's animals are either rescued or are born on premises. Come tour her facility, you will be glad you did.

Marc the Conductor

Marc is the music director and primary conductor for the White Bear Orchestra. He is responsible for choosing what music the orchestra plays each season and what music is to be recorded every other year. He graduated from White Bear College with a degree in music and a minor in art. He conducts the choir as well and teaches flute and harp at the high school. One of his favorite pass times is playing chess. He is quite accomplished and can often be seen in the park playing against Jacob when the weather permits.

Jennifer the Beautician

Jennifer has just moved to White Bear Town from the big city where she worked at one of the elite salons. She now brings hear years of experience and talent to our town. Escape to beauty and luxury and allow Jennifer and her talented staff to pamper you with her luxurious amenities as you relax in the ambience of the former mayor's home. A hair, nail, massage and spa experience not to forget. Remember, Dolores Raye from Northside Florist and Lucy from Town Center Arts and Crafts offer special packages in conjunction with Jen’s wedding services and Beth's Bakery makes the best wedding cakes in town.

Sasha the Music Teacher

Sasha teaches guitar, balalaika and drums to the residents of White Bear Town. He is always taking on new students. Sasha performs in the local theatre on the weekends and occasionally can be seen on WB News Channel 11.

Andrei the Pianist

As the piano virtuoso of the White Bear Orchestra, Andrei not only composes music for the orchestra, but he piano playing bedazzles the audience time after time. Andrei plays with so much emotion that he receives a standing ovation every time he performs. He is a guest director for the orchestra several times a year.

Luna the Ballerina

Luna is one of our students in the elementary school. She is a ballerina. She attends White Bear Dance classes at the local camp two times a week. She is practicing ballet, tap and is currently learning her part for the school play. She is always smiling and having fun. She has made lots of friends and plans to be a ballerina, a singer and an actor when she grows up.

Terry Director of Transportation

Terry is the Director of Transportation in White Bear Town and runs his own repair shop where he works as head mechanic. As the Director, he assures that the bus routes are always are always covered and that the roads are in tip top shape. He approves all new purchases of buses and trolley cars. As the head mechanic in his shop, Terry provides diagnostic expertise on trucks and cars. He provides inspections and repairs as needed. Terry is the only mechanic approved to work on the ambulances and firetrucks.

Pablo the Paramedic

Pablo is a paramedic and ambulance driver and fireman for White Bear Town. He is a healthcare provider who responds to medical emergencies, such as victims of car accidents and sudden illness like cardiac arrest or stroke. Though he is the Chief Paramedic and Chief Fireman, he is also one of the kindest on the force. He is known to help kids find their lost pets and bring damaged plush animals to Lucy’s Town Center Arts and Crafts Store for repairs.

Lucas the Teenager

Lucas is one of the teenagers who lives in White Bear Town. His mother runs the camp and Lucas is known to hang out there and help the kids when his mother asks. He loves science and is currently at the top of his class. If he actually remembers to turn in his work, he will probably be chosen as Valedictorian for the High School when he becomes a senior. Right now he is working on getting his driver’s license so he can go down to Joe’s Diner for late night chicken wings or burgers.

Lucy Arts & Crafts Proprietor

Lucy is the owner of Town Center Arts and Crafts. She has just about anything you can imagine for the creative person in your life. Paintbrushes, air brushes, canvases, drawing supplies, easels, fabric painting supplies and pastels are just a few of the things you’ll find. Town Center Arts and Crafts also stocks jewelry making, candle making, needle arts and floral supplies. Of course there are items created specifically for children with special needs, such as child-size easels, finger paints and colorful stickers. She also does clothes alterations for special needs and custom designs by request. If you can imagine it, Lucy can make it. Lucy’s classes fill up quickly so make sure you check her board at the front of the store for class offerings. When Lucy is not at the shop you can find her at the Hospital Lab making sure that everyone's numbers are accurate and available.

Dolores Raye Florist

Northside Florist is a family owned business and has been proudly serving White Bear Town and the surrounding area for three generations. Dolores Raye majored in Art at White Bear College before managing the shop and becoming the chief designer. To help assure on-time delivery during the busy holiday season, place your order at least 1 day prior to the following major holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Purim, Mother's Day, and Father's Day

Saumil the Specialty Pharmacist

Saumil the Pharmacotherapy Specialist and the “go-to” expert for assessing and figuring out complicated therapeutic regimens that occur in our unique White Bear pediatric population. He often spends time explaining the medications he compounds to his patients and their parents. He always makes sure his patients are comfortable. His staff even provides home delivery when needed! Open 24 hours a day, even on holidays.

WB Nurses

There are so many amazing nurses at our hospital. It is impossible to mention them all. Some of the nurses who have been here since the hospital opened and have been taking care of Angel since she was a baby are Nurse Siobhan, Nurse Joellen, Nurse Holly, Nurse Barb, Nurse Leslie, Nurse Tarah, Nurse Jenn, Nurse Kim, Nurse Marge, Nurse Vicki, Nurse Tina, and Nurse Jody. They provide specialized nursing care to the kids on the Pediatric Floor and the Pediatric ICU at WB Medical Center. They take care of kids with acute and chronic medical and surgical conditions. They work closely with all the doctors and residents and often help him in the out-patient clinic. They are members of the White Bear Town Nursing Society and frequently lecture at the local college.

Nurse Jon

Nurse Jon provides specialized nursing care to the kids in the surgical suite, the Pediatric Floor and the Pediatric ICU at WB Medical Center. He provides care to babies, children of all ages and teenagers with acute and chronic medical and surgical conditions. He works closely with Doc, Dr. Al, Dr. Val and Dr. Chuck. He often volunteers in the out-patient clinic. He is a member of the White Bear World Nursing Society and is currently studying for his ARNP license. He has been Angel's nurse since her first major surgery at WB Medical Center.

Dr.Chuck the Surgeon

White Bear College is so proud to announce that Dr. Chuck, an internationally known pediatric surgeon has been appointed Dean of the College of Medicine and Surgery. He specializes in surgically repairing newborn anomalies; congenital colo-rectal reconstructing and caring for critically ill children. When not in surgery, teaching medical students, interns and surgical residents he can often be found at his apple orchard enjoying a beautiful White Bear Town afternoon

Doc & Dr. M

Doc provides quality health care to the citizens of White Bear Town and the rural communities outside city limits. He is the Chief of Staff at WB Medical Center where he runs a clinic for kids with special needs. When he is not in the hospital he is staffing his out-patient clinic. He is well known at all the major Children's Hospitals and Specialty Clinics. He is the Co-Founder and Director of the White Bear Multi-Specialty Congenital Center with his partner and Co-Director, Dr. M. They are frequently invited to lecture on Congenital Heart Disease in the surrounding communities. On their rare off time, they enjoy spending time with their families.

Dr. Al & Dr. Val, Nephrologists

It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr. Al and Dr. Val have now taken over the fellowship training of doctors pursuing a career in pediatric nephrology. They will now oversee the three years of pediatric training and the four years of nephrology fellowship necessary to become a pediatric nephrologist. They are the favorite physicians for the Nephrology and Dialysis units at WB Hospital. Our patients are so grateful for their care that goes far beyond the usual patient doctor relationships. Their expertise in renal disease, hypertension, and urinary diseases has led them to receive more than one award and numerous publications in the WB Medical Journal. They have overseen over fifteen kidney transplants and we are so happy say all our patients are doing well.

Kelly & Kirsten, Childlife

Kelly and Kirsten run the Children's Playroom at WB Medical Center. They oversee activities and makes sure your child has time "just to be a kid again." They are qualified early childhood teachers and child life specialists. Both of these wonderful women know that the hospital can be a frightening place for some and for others, it is a second home. Be assured that the hours your child and siblings spend in the playroom will be safe, happy, and most importantly, fun. When they are not at the playroom, visiting children on the floor or accompanying them to surgery, or home with her own family, you can find them both at the WBW Day Care Center where they teach classes in their spare time.

When it comes to baked goods, everyone in White Bear Town goes to Beth’s Bakery. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, her cakes, cookies, cupcakes, specialty sandwiches and breads are the most popular items in her store. She is open early on Tuesday mornings for breakfast so the kids can get a hot meal before Jacob opens the library for story time.​

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