Contributions Wanted


Sometimes the path we take has unexpected barriers. For children with complicated illnesses every day can bring unexpected barriers. There is no better support for these children and their families than competent doctors and other parents and families who have gone through the same things. There is a way to get past the barrier and keep on going.

The purpose of White Bear’s World is to become a place for children to visit while they are in the hospital and even when they are home.  Plans for interactive games, apps and other creative outlets are only now in their planning stages. It is going to take a lot of work and a lot of kind hearted people offering their talents to make our vision a reality.   So far the assistance we have gotten is quite overwhelming and very soon some of it will be shared.

We also hope White Bear’s World will become a place where parents can  contribute and find information, too.  We would like to open the White Bear Gazette to parents who want to share stories or resources for families who have children facing serious illnesses, chronic illnesses, disabilities, surgeries or other special needs.  We cannot offer payment at this time but we will give credit to each author and link back to their website, blog or any other credit requested.

If you would like to submit an article to our website, please leave a comment here or contact us through the contact page.

Our Facebook page is also operational and all contributor articles will be linked back to that page with author permission.



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