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We are so grateful to our friend Shelby Claycomb who has generously put together this special list of books that we hope you will find valuable.


Books are magical. They can take you to a entirely new place where everything is new. They can cheer you up, help you understand what others are going through, or let you escape the reality of everything around you. They can also help you to learn about the world and why things are the way they are.  

Children are like sponges, absorbing this newly found world they are in. They face happiness, sadness, complications, and successes. Children who are ill, grieving, or differently-abled can have a very hard time absorbing what they are going through. Books can help.

Usborne Books & More is a company dedicated to spreading literacy and getting engaging books in kids’ hands. The company has been dedicated to this mission since they began more than 30 years ago. The books are engaging and well made with brightly colored, lavish illustrations to inspire readers- from babies to teenagers and beyond. Usborne Books & More provides a vast variety of children’s books to help children through trials and tribulations they face. Here are some of my top picks:


At the Hospital  By Carron Brown and Ipek Konak

Recommended age 4-8 years


At the Hospital is one of Usborne Books & More’s Shine-A-Light Book. The Shine-A-Light series features pages that when you shine a flashlight behind them or hold them up to light, secret images appear. At the Hospital can help make hospital visits less confusing by explaining how hospitals work.

Always Jack by Susanne Gervay

Recommended age 8-12 years


Always Jack is the third chapter book in the I Am Jack series. This is an insightful and inspiring book about the effect of cancer on families.


Jessica’s Box by Peter Carnavas

Recommended age 4-8 years


Jessica’s Box is an inspirational picture book about accepting yourself for who you are. Jessica is shy and has trouble finding friends. She thinks she needs to bring presents for everyone in order for them to like her- until she realizes the only thing she needs to bring is herself.


Boy by Phil Cummings and Shane Devries

Recommended age 4-8 years


Boy is an ever-so-sweet picture book about a little boy who is deaf. He doesn’t know why everybody is fighting, but can see the fear. He can also see how much happier everybody would be without the fear and brings a new understanding to the world around him.


Here in the Garden by Briony Stewart

Recommended age: 4-8 years


Here in the Garden is a beautiful picture book about loss and love. This book lightens grief by sharing that we can always remember our loved ones through memories and in our hearts.



Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman

Recommended age 3-7 Years


Cuddle Bear is an adorably sweet picture book that celebrates the magic of hugs. Cuddle Bear cheers everybody up by bringing one simple thing- a hug. Whether you are sad, angry, scared, or lonely; all you need is a hug from Cuddle Bear to make it all better. Part of the proceeds from this book and plush set is donated to the Scott Carter Foundation to help eliminate pediatric cancer.


Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Recommended age 3-7 years


Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster is a picture book about anxiety and self-doubt. Jonathan James is struggling with the doubts the Whatif Monster puts in his head. What if he falls? What if everybody laughs at him? What if it’s scary? A feeling of freedom arises when he doubts the Whatif Monster. What if he misses out on the opportunities because he never takes the leap?


Hello Happy by Steph Clarkson and Katie Abey and No Worries by

Lily Murray and Katie Abey

Recommended age 8 years and up



Hello Happy and No Worries are activity books to help children through feelings of sadness and anger or anxiety and stress. By completing exercises and activities, kids learn to work through these tough feelings and find peace.


Blue Whale Blues by Peter Carnavas

Recommended age 4-8 years


Blue Whale Blues is a hilarious, uplifting picture book that celebrates friendship and making the most of what you have. Blue Whale has the blues. He can’t get his bike to work. His penguin friend helps him through his troubles and they realize they have everything they need to be happy- each other!


Cordelia by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Recommended age 3-7 years


Cordelia is an inspirational picture book about believing in yourself. Cordelia knows she can fly, but when others start doubting her she loses faith in herself. When she realizes it doesn’t matter what others think, her world starts blossoming again and once again becomes the Cordelia she is meant to be.



Bob is a Unicorn by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Recommended age 3-7 years


Bob is a Unicorn is a wonderful picture book about believing in yourself no matter what everybody else thinks. All of Bob’s friends know he isn’t a unicorn, but Bob knows he is! He doesn’t listen to any of his friends because he knows what he really is. Everybody doubts him until he finds someone special who believes in him.


These are just a few of the amazing books Usborne Books & More has to offer! If you would like any help finding specific books perfect for your loved ones, please reach out to me at d7233.myubam.com and click “contact.” Thank you so very much for letting me share these books with you. I hope you found some that would make a difference in your child’s life.


-Shelby Claycomb, Literacy Advocate and Consultant with Usborne Books & More


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