Announcing the Grand Opening of White Bear World’s First Salon and Spa


We are so happy to announce the grand opening of Jen’s Blue Spa and Salon, located in the beautiful building just behind the food court. The Salon is named after the beautiful glazed blue tiles that grace the roof of the former mayor’s residence. Jennifer has redecorated the interior to suit the needs of her salon and spa but has kept the esthetics of the old interior intact.

Jennifer brings years of experience to White Bear’s World. Her services include hair services, color services, nail services, massage, facial treatments, waxes and more.

We are happy to announce that tours of the spa and salon are now available upon request. The staff is happy to explain the different services offered.  Each new client will receive a gift bag and samples of some of the items currently in use at the spa.  Discount cards will be given to each visitor who takes a tour of the facility. 

In honor of the grand opening, the owners of the Food Court are offering complimentary salads with Champaign dressing and Mimosas to all adults.

Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 am until 10:00 pm.  Additional hours for special occasions are available upon request and advance notice.

For wedding packages,  Marc from Northside Florist and Lucy from Town Center Arts and Crafts offer special packages in conjunction with Jen’s wedding services.

Calling all Children’s Authors: White Bear’s World needs Books, Books and more Books!


Reported by our News Anchor at WB News, Channel 11 – Lisa

At the bottom right corner of the map of White Bear’s World you will find our library.  It is a humble building with a gold roof and beautiful blue doors. Inside the library, Jacob the Librarian works tirelessly keeping books in meticulous condition and offering his knowledge to anyone who enters.  Among his favorite duties are directing children’s library programs. His most recent program is the Tuesday Morning Story Hour.  Every week he opens the library super early to read a new book to the children of White Bear’s World.  He reads picture books, early chapter books and even novels are read in sections over several weeks.

If you take a look back at the map you will notice that Beth’s Bakery is located right behind the library. Though one may thing this was by grand design, it is purely coincidental.  However, Beth also opens the bakery super early on Tuesdays and offers a hot breakfast and beverage to any child who wants a healthy start to their day before Story Hour.  She also serves a variety of juices and hot chocolate to the children and teas and coffee to the adults.  You may notice that the Bakery also has blue doors. Coincidence? We may never know.

Now back to our original programming . . .


Here is a shot of the adult section of Jacob’s Library.  He is currently working very hard at selecting books and audiovisual material of interest to children that will be acquired by the library.  As you know,  White Bear’s World focuses on children with special needs and diversity. Jacob wants to be sure that someday there will be a book with a story for every child to see a reflection of themselves in his library.

White Bear News Channel 11 is asking you to donate books to the Children’s Wing. They must represent diversity because kids come from all walks of life. They come in all colors, shapes, sizes, genders, religions and cultures.  They have a wide variety of physical and emotional abilities. Any books donated to the library must be encouraging and respectful. They must be supportive of all children and have at least one character who faces a challenge, physical, emotional or health related. There must be no negativity, foul language, or false medical or emotional information.

On a more serious note, we plan to add a new children’s book to Jacob’s online Library each week in honor of Story Hour.  Each book will have the cover shown and a link back to Amazon or book seller of the author’s choice. If the author would like, a link to the author website will also be included.  We have wonderful books already in the collection and quite a few ready to be posted.  We will be posting requests for book titles on various Facebook groups and choosing books ourselves.

White Bear’s World is a very personal project that we want to share with every family who is facing the unfathomable and find some comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

Story hour is available almost every week of the year, even when school is closed for summer and holiday breaks.  The library is closed on major White Bear World Holidays.


The Value of a Stuffed Bear – Priceless — Marie Cheine

Teddy Bears have been around since the early 1900’s. While most of us have heard that they were made by Morris Michtom in the United States and named for Teddy Roosevelt, according to Wikipedia, a gentleman named Richard Steiff of Germany also produced a stuffed bear around the same time. Regardless of who invented the […]

via The Value of a Stuffed Bear – Priceless — Marie Cheine

White Bear’ first radio interview. Read about it here on #LisaBurtonRadio


Contributions Wanted


Sometimes the path we take has unexpected barriers. For children with complicated illnesses every day can bring unexpected barriers. There is no better support for these children and their families than competent doctors and other parents and families who have gone through the same things. There is a way to get past the barrier and keep on going.

The purpose of White Bear’s World is to become a place for children to visit while they are in the hospital and even when they are home.  Plans for interactive games, apps and other creative outlets are only now in their planning stages. It is going to take a lot of work and a lot of kind hearted people offering their talents to make our vision a reality.   So far the assistance we have gotten is quite overwhelming and very soon some of it will be shared.

We also hope White Bear’s World will become a place where parents can  contribute and find information, too.  We would like to open the White Bear Gazette to parents who want to share stories or resources for families who have children facing serious illnesses, chronic illnesses, disabilities, surgeries or other special needs.  We cannot offer payment at this time but we will give credit to each author and link back to their website, blog or any other credit requested.

If you would like to submit an article to our website, please leave a comment here or contact us through the contact page.

Our Facebook page will soon be operational and all contributor articles will be linked back to that page with author permission.